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Full Porcelain / Ceramic Crown

This restorative treatment protects the natural prepared tooth from further damage while maintaining aesthetic and functional harmony within the mouth.

This procedure is needed when a tooth is badly broken; there are existing large fillings, or a large area of tooth decay, because a filling isn’t strong enough.

Steps in Placing a Crown:

  1. The tooth is prepared to make room for the crown.
  2. A temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth while waiting for the lab to make the permanent crown.
  3. A customized permanent crown is made in a dental laboratory.
  4. The permanent crown is tried on for fit, shape and color.  The bite is checked and adjusted. If all is satisfactory, the crown is cemented or bonded to the tooth.
Length of Procedure: Approximately 1 hour per tooth
Lab: 1-2 weeks
Number of Visits: 2
Anesthesia: Sometimes
Duration of Results: Many years depending on Oral Hygiene
Recovery Time: 1 hour

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